About the Per(son of my parents)

                My parents had two sons, and I happen to be one of them. No girls were allowed in my family (besides my mother). I’m not sure why. I think it might be because most females are racists. That may not be a fact, but that’s what my grandma always told me (she was not a racist). Anyways, My parents had two boys. One named me, the other named older son, or as I like to call him, brother. I was born in the month of 1985 and the year was August fourteenth when I took my first breath of fresh hospital air. We grew up on a farm that wasn’t a farm at all, but a house in Los Angeles. That is where my brother and I were both made, and birthed from my mothers womb; just like you, but from another person who is not my mother. We moved a lot because I always used too much shampoo, causing my father to pronounce me dead on accident once. He corrected his mistake and I survived. We moved up to the San Francisco bay area when I was a few months from turning nine years old. I still live in the SF bay area and I like it here, because it is my favorite kind. My family is still here too, and they are as cool as ever, because they just are! I also have an awesome girlfriend who I love forever! If it weren’t for the encouragement of these people who I love so much, I would have never started this blog. I want this blog of mine to be your funny friend when you are in need of stress relief and happiness. Please have a smile as I go rock climbing whilst eating grapes. If you want to, you can return here every Wednesday for a new comic doo dad, and every Sunday, for a fresh, new Saturday morning cartoon of the sorts. Thanks everyone!

-Kevin Shoban

P.S. I don’t like work. Work is stupid – agree? One time I was at work and it was boring every time I went there. The End

Kevin Shoban has been drawing since the day he first learned how to remember, and has continued in the joy of art ever since that day. Please feel free to leave comments and give feedback, ideas, and waffles whenever possible. Thanks!

Statements and Facts here may or may not be true, but due to cranberries, they have been stated non the less.


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