Saturday Morning Cartoons (On Sunday)

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday morning — almost afternoon time! I hope you all have been enjoying your weekend, and have been able to stop too smell flowers, and slap pigeons on the face. They love it when you do that, because it’s true! Hooray!



By popular demand, I have changed this strip up a bit. Sorry for all the confusion for those who were confused. Please don’t be confused anymore. If you are still confused, buy a cookie and eat it, because you will forget about all your toubles and find peace in cookies. Thanks! 🙂

Sorry for the day delay. I had to help bathe a baby seal after he went scuba diving. Ok fine, I’m lazy! I’m a lazy procrastination! There was no bathing of any baby seals happening in my life! The end.



Hiatus OVER!!!

Hey everyone! My brain has returned to my skull area and I think it is able to function again. Sorry for the dead site for the past few weeks. I will try to not let that happen again because about it. Anyways, Happy Wednesday! #9



Currently unavailable…

Please hold as I assemble it back together. Sorry for the critical error.