I’m such a horrible person! AAHHHH!

Toenails!!!!!!! I have betrayed all of you and for that I am sorry. The jellyfish drawing will not be done for some time. Turns out I want it painted and I want it big!!!! BIG I TELLS YOU! So, my girlfriend will help me Finnish it, but it will not start coming together until the summer quarter of school ends. DAMN YOU SCHOOL! Speaking of school, holy moly! I’m going to be a busy one for the next six weeks of death! On a lighter note, I am taking an indoor archery class. WOW, really? Yes, really. And of all things I am left handed on the bow. weird. Ok enough ramble jamble except for this. Croutons and pudding make good dinner flavor! Oh, and here is a drawing to hopefully make up for my drawing deception. Please enjoy, and pick out a good pair of shoes before you go swimming! Happy Summer, uncle Billy (you all are Uncle Billy in my eyes).



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