Double FUN Son(day)!

Hey! Wake up you fancy pecan pie! It is Sunday yet again, but this is a special edition Sunday! “Special edition Sunday,” you ask?

“Yes,” I respond as hamsters fall out of my pockets.

You now look more puzzled and confused then when you first walked into the supermarket.Let me take this moment of silence to explain.

Today is Sunday correct? Yes, I am correct about it. I have decided to post two drawings today. In case you don’t realize what I am talking about,

That is one more drawing then I usually post on Sundays, thus making “Double FUN Son(day)!” What a way to start your day, right? Aren’t you so

excited, your pants are filled with urination? I know mine are! Hooray!

FUN FACT: This Weird shaped Popsicle drawing was done around two Christmas times ago as I worked for the evil empire of Noah and Sarah Hiken. What a couple of Kook’s.

Un-FUN FACT: I drew this last night as I poured hot lava on top of someones cat, turning it into a super cat!


2 Comments on “Double FUN Son(day)!”

  1. I am a chameleon. says:

    Hooray for old people! they are so silly looking to my eyes. Awesome drawings!

  2. myheartresonateswithaglorioussound says:


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