I’m such a horrible person! AAHHHH!

Toenails!!!!!!! I have betrayed all of you and for that I am sorry. The jellyfish drawing will not be done for some time. Turns out I want it painted and I want it big!!!! BIG I TELLS YOU! So, my girlfriend will help me Finnish it, but it will not start coming together until the summer quarter of school ends. DAMN YOU SCHOOL! Speaking of school, holy moly! I’m going to be a busy one for the next six weeks of death! On a lighter note, I am taking an indoor archery class. WOW, really? Yes, really. And of all things I am left handed on the bow. weird. Ok enough ramble jamble except for this. Croutons and pudding make good dinner flavor! Oh, and here is a drawing to hopefully make up for my drawing deception. Please enjoy, and pick out a good pair of shoes before you go swimming! Happy Summer, uncle Billy (you all are Uncle Billy in my eyes).



Saturday Morning Cartoons (On Sunday) Or something…

Yo! What’s up my fandagus, plant eating, porpoise, people? Anything new and exciting happening? Yes? No? I just finished walking / running a 5K fundraiser deal thing. It made my spaceship jealous. Oh well. So, here is the dealy-o. I have been super busy with my pants wearing lately, so I have not had time to create a new work of art, but alas, I am working one one! Hooray! It is of a rooster, flying a kite, with Spiderman underwear on. I have A progression drawing posted below. I will hopefully have it complete and on site by either tonight or tomorrow. So please enjoy it for now, and put your headphones back in the toaster oven for safe keeping.


P.S. It is not of rooster, flying a kite, with Spiderman underwear on (I am not that talented yet:)






This is an older comic strip I did a few years back. It symbolizes the American way of pancakes and really exuberates my feelings about bikinis, and the lessons they provide for middle aged robots.

My girlfriend seems to like this one, so hopefully you will too.


It is around one million degrees here today, and I am stuck in a sauna — formerly known as my bedroom. Anyways, as we all learned on Sunday, I have learned the skill of gif making using my ultra plasma, rays of doom. As I am bored out of my mind sack, I have decided to enlighten your eyebrows with yet another gif. This will not be a new weekly posting (at least I don’t think so), but who knows!? Just keep checking back to find out, or else your fingernails may unexpectedly fall off. If your fingernails do fall off, shoot me an e-mail as I have plenty of fingernails for sale! Hooray!

I have titled the gif below, Casablanco

Apparently, you must click the picture to engage the amazing gif action (unless my computer is just a pop sniff). SO CLICK IT!


Saturday Morning Cartoons (On Sunday)

Share Fathers day with the man that gave birth to you, by looking at this spaghetti, and trip out as the colors surround your inner being, whilst having a milkshake, or any other cold beverage which tastes good. Here are some oxford commas for you,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

In other news, I like pretzels from Venezuela.



(Yes this is an annoying gif, but I ran out of laundry detergent, so I had to do it this way, as it was required by law).


It is Wednesday and I failed the math test. Poo stick! Trampolines are in the near future, but probably not actually. The last two times I was on a trampoline I had near death experiences. No trampolines for me please. Just throw them all in the elevator and watch them turn against one another and eventually implode into a taco bell. 45 cent tacos? I think not! Oh yeah, comic strip… here you go, you taco bells!

P.S. Don’t eat Taco Bell, for Taco Bell isn’t good for your butt skin.



Double FUN Son(day)!

Hey! Wake up you fancy pecan pie! It is Sunday yet again, but this is a special edition Sunday! “Special edition Sunday,” you ask?

“Yes,” I respond as hamsters fall out of my pockets.

You now look more puzzled and confused then when you first walked into the supermarket.Let me take this moment of silence to explain.

Today is Sunday correct? Yes, I am correct about it. I have decided to post two drawings today. In case you don’t realize what I am talking about,

That is one more drawing then I usually post on Sundays, thus making “Double FUN Son(day)!” What a way to start your day, right? Aren’t you so

excited, your pants are filled with urination? I know mine are! Hooray!

FUN FACT: This Weird shaped Popsicle drawing was done around two Christmas times ago as I worked for the evil empire of Noah and Sarah Hiken. What a couple of Kook’s.

Un-FUN FACT: I drew this last night as I poured hot lava on top of someones cat, turning it into a super cat!