Saturday Morning Cartoons (On Sunday)

Circa, 2002 I think?? But really, none of your business.



HEY! I added a new page titled, About the per(son of my parents). It’s on the top, right part of the page. It’s just a mini bio deal (not to be confused with bio diesel). It is toothpaste flavor for your enjoyment. Anyways it is Wednesday, so put your hats on for the new strip of the week.

Saturday Morning Cartoons (On Sunday)

Note to self, from brother: Chill out on the naked people.


Jumping across the blankets, I caught the Frisbee.

Saturday Morning Cartoons (On Sunday)

That is all.


Fun Fact of the Day: hippopotamus

Saturday Morning Cartoons (On Sunday)

Since this blog is new and potatoes, I decided to add a Saturday morning cartoon part, and batteries are not even cool anymore! Remember eating cereal before, and when you were there, you would watch the shows you liked? Yeah I know, how fucked up sexual intercourse was that? Speaking of garage sales, here you go!