Hi, my name is Angus beef. What’s your name?

Woa! Where did this come from? I thought I stopped posting stuff here years ago! I took a trip to the jungle to find my true meaning in life. After not finding my meaning, I bought an airplane and looked at it everyday. When I became bored of doing that I, rented a mountain lion. Let me tell you folks, mountain lions don’t come cheap these days. No sir. Now I am back here on this blog thing made of croutons and apple sauce. So anyways, I just wanted to wish you all a happy birthday. I hope you all had great birthdays!

Now, for the serious matters which are very serious to me, because of pop tarts. As we all know, your eyes cannot rely on me to entertain them twice a week like I tried to do, with this blog. Instead, I will post garbage here whenever I feel like it! If you don’t like this idea, then I suggest you put your elbow somewhere, where they like to be (a pile of fresh squeezed poodles for instance). For all the others, I hope you enjoy the show. Please be patient as the elderly need to find their seats. Emergency exits are in your armpits, and deodorant is unavailable to anyone under the age of 12 years old. Thank you.


Cafe Kitty

Hey everyone, I know, I know. I have not posted for the past week. What a stinky! Anyways, I am working on a lot of different art projects, and just finished a drawing I am trying to submit to threadless.com. Please check out the link, and give me some feedback. That would be more awesome then jumping on  top of an elephant, while it is floating in outer space, with chocolate covered stars, flying to the jack in the box! Yay!

Click here to check it out and critique it on threadless! Thanks!


Saturday Morning Cartoons (On Sunday)

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday morning — almost afternoon time! I hope you all have been enjoying your weekend, and have been able to stop too smell flowers, and slap pigeons on the face. They love it when you do that, because it’s true! Hooray!


By popular demand, I have changed this strip up a bit. Sorry for all the confusion for those who were confused. Please don’t be confused anymore. If you are still confused, buy a cookie and eat it, because you will forget about all your toubles and find peace in cookies. Thanks! 🙂

Sorry for the day delay. I had to help bathe a baby seal after he went scuba diving. Ok fine, I’m lazy! I’m a lazy procrastination! There was no bathing of any baby seals happening in my life! The end.



Hiatus OVER!!!

Hey everyone! My brain has returned to my skull area and I think it is able to function again. Sorry for the dead site for the past few weeks. I will try to not let that happen again because about it. Anyways, Happy Wednesday! #9



Currently unavailable…

Please hold as I assemble it back together. Sorry for the critical error.

I’m such a horrible person! AAHHHH!

Toenails!!!!!!! I have betrayed all of you and for that I am sorry. The jellyfish drawing will not be done for some time. Turns out I want it painted and I want it big!!!! BIG I TELLS YOU! So, my girlfriend will help me Finnish it, but it will not start coming together until the summer quarter of school ends. DAMN YOU SCHOOL! Speaking of school, holy moly! I’m going to be a busy one for the next six weeks of death! On a lighter note, I am taking an indoor archery class. WOW, really? Yes, really. And of all things I am left handed on the bow. weird. Ok enough ramble jamble except for this. Croutons and pudding make good dinner flavor! Oh, and here is a drawing to hopefully make up for my drawing deception. Please enjoy, and pick out a good pair of shoes before you go swimming! Happy Summer, uncle Billy (you all are Uncle Billy in my eyes).